Monday, April 21

Feeling good

Who saying working in Monday must be blue?!

Had cheese cake early morning,
catched promotion of Monday blue at Wondermama during lunch,
thinking of buying Birky,
imagine my dreams,
had myself back home early later,
took a nap,
did my own spa from hair to toes,
wearing new pajamas with kiddie cat (bought in kid Uniqlo hehe)
pamper myself like a queen :))

Never felt so good since long :-)

Tuesday, February 4


意外那一天,下着雨,我告訴你...'幸好撞的是我的頭,不然你會頭破血流' 我也無法再懷疑自己不太愛你,只不過或許...你愛得...比我多一點,緊張點,在乎點,關心點。

25th birthday eve

6:45am: We woke up early morning on Sunday, crossing fingers awaiting for dolphin watch, having my breakfast, and receptionist came over, "Hi m'am, dolphin watch is cancelled today" awwww i am so sad, seems weather not really good today. We make up our mind to push our schedule earlier to El Nido Beach, catch public van for 9.30am it should be reach before night. Lovely receptionist came over again "Hi m'am, it is fully occupied but we have 7.30am van to El Nido.", "Well now?! Yeah even greater, we could reach earlier to the beach", i said. 

7.30am: We hop on to the van, it is 6 hours journey to El Nido. It was cloudy day and soon raining pour along the way. 

9am: 2 hours later, i awake by shock and heard "wowww~" The van swinging to left and right in high speed and sliding down to slope "wow, is the driver so skillful?", thought in my mind.."fuck!", I shout. I realized the van was lost control and it was sliding and swift to the hill. *bang* the van bang to divider. I hold my bag, cam and legs, feeling myself swing in the air... "fuck! I die!" the last word came into my mind, I see my head bang to the window when the van swinging to left and right. Holy painful, it was lucky the van not moving anymore. I glance around and dare not move, the kid was crying loud, driver's head was bleeding, the sliding door was twisted, and thanks god my head is not bleeding. In a minute, there are peoples passing by were stop over to giving hands. 

9:15am: We all get down to the van, standing in rain, hug to my boy and said, "we are lucky". I never feel so near to death, it came in a second and you never have the time to fearful. In fact, the accident spot was just a minute away to the rest point, hah. 

11am: We got to a baptist clinic, move to new van, visit police station in Roxas and continue our journey to El Nido. 

Then, it was never easy to travel in the journey....

**wrote on 6/10/2013**

I am thankful, we all are blessed. 
Life could be short, well some time you would not know. 

Live for the moment. 

Thursday, November 7


@momalim: 平靜之後,我相信....今日抓不住那機會,明日機會將會抓緊我。



晴天霹靂, what the fuck 張目結舌




冷靜了下來,我只好處裝一下心態 - 只好做好準備,機會打個圈又回來了。

Friday, August 9




Tuesday, July 24





Wednesday, May 2


Life changes in a sudden...

when I am having family day in Saturday;

walking down the street, being hold tight by the other one;

drive your own car to nearby Cold Storage;

having the same topic with your old friends...

is this sounds like a turning? How real it is?

I precious yet we never to not greedy to ourselves. Isn't it?

Let me break the sponge made wall and grab myself some candies!

Yes, there is hopes!

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Friday, March 9


You are like Converse, the one I like it long and never got to know my favor. You come...and you are the colour.

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Wednesday, December 14


{work-bored/motivate; dinner-happy; drinks-fun; home-sucks; call-sad; msg-lol, travel-fever; study-distracted; music-comfort; club-die; love-???;......} LIFE.

swinging emotion, here and there.
i am tired.
where are you driving me to...?